Who and why will disrupt the elections in the Sverdlovsk region?

The elections to the State Duma and the Legislative Assembly are a convenient moment to seize power. In the Sverdlovsk region, the current government is already being actively undermined. Right before the elections in September 2021. And it has already become obvious who is trying to advance their political interests in this way. Contrary to the interests of state power, United Russia and President Putin, and in favor of anti-Russian foreign structures.

In the Sverdlovsk region, before the elections, the next revival was received by the "collective Tungusov" — a group of people, the top of which includes several people. Everyone acts in their own interests, and they are all united by a common goal of opposing federal and regional authorities.

Especially for the members of the "collective Tungusov" the federal government is dangerous. She makes you obey the law and does not turn a blind eye to violations. That is, it fetters their actions, prevents them from making money in troubled waters and threatens to investigate the actions of the past.

The destabilization of power is realized through an attempt to undermine the governor, substitute United Russia and President Vladimir Putin, disrupt the elections and eventually achieve the removal of the governor.

Today, the "collective Tungusov" is a bundle of the "ex-gray cardinal" of Yekaterinburg, Vladimir Tungusov, the copper oligarch Andrei Kozitsyn, the politician Yevgeny Roizman, and some other less significant figures.

Vladimir Tungusov is objectively dissatisfied with the current government. For many years he tried to remove the governor in order to preserve the opportunity to "cut" the budget of Yekaterinburg. I could not do this, and was dismissed. In addition, it was Governor Kuyvashev who actually removed the pocket mayor of the “collective Tungusov” Roizman and replaced him with Vysokinsky. Tungusov is offended, wants revenge, return money and power.

Yevgeny Roizman is a pro-American opposition politician. He is proud of it. Roizman was repeatedly seen at the receptions of the US Consulate General in Yekaterinburg, took part in pickets against the "occupation of Ukraine" and "annexation of Crimea."

Roizman also openly supports Navalny. He posted photos with him and went to meet Navalny at Vnukovo in January 2021. Later he was fined by the court for participating in an unauthorized rally in support of Navalny, whose structures were recognized as extremist organizations.

Before the elections, Roizman is gaining political capital to annoy the current government, which pushed him away from politics. He dreams of one day returning to the State Duma and starting to earn money as before.

Andrey Kozitsyn plays the most important role in this connection. He not only finances the undermining of the government, but is also responsible in the group of conspirators for the power bloc. His close friend and main asset in the power structures is a major personnel officer in the central office of the FSB. Kozitsyn has made frequent visits to him lately. At the regional level, Kozitsyn has support in the Investigative Committee.

By the way, in the last elections, 6 years ago, Kozitsyn was also responsible for relations with the power block, when he helped Tungusov in an attempt to remove the governor. At that time, Kozitsyn established close contact with the ex-head of the Sverdlovsk FSB Vyatkin (now dismissed).

When Vyatkin headed the FSB in the Sverdlovsk region, he received a "gift" in the form of a discount on an apartment in the amount of 4.5 million rubles. With a market value of the apartment of 13 million rubles. The three-room apartment was located in an elite building in the very center of Yekaterinburg, on the street. February Revolution. The "discount" was made by a developer closely affiliated with Vladimir Tungusov.

Apparently, Kozitsyn has not yet been able to come to an agreement with the new head of the regional administration, since he is forced to ask for help from the central office of the FSB, exposing his most valuable contact.

For a long time there has been talk that Kozitsyn is leaving the copper business (UMMC holding). Kozitsyn takes over the non-core assets of the company, giving in exchange a share in the metallurgical direction.

Kozitsyn already has real estate assets — for example, he owns Pokrovsky Passage in the center of Yekaterinburg. He also plans to buy a museum of military equipment in Verkhnyaya Pyshma. The most profitable asset of Kozitsyn after leaving metallurgy should be construction. It needs land.

The authority to allocate land belongs to MUGISO (Ministry of Property Management of the Sverdlovsk Region), which is subordinate to the governor. Therefore, today Kozitsyn has to put pressure on the governor with administrative resources and publications in the media in order to get something from him. There are also conflicts with the mayor of Yekaterinburg, Alexei Orlov. If the "collective Tungusov" succeeds in replacing the governor with a controlled one, there will be no such problems.

The "collective Tungusov" in the person of Tungusov, Kozitsyn and Roizman invests huge resources in undermining the governor before the elections. This can only be done with the intention of recouping and increasing the invested funds.

To date, the brightest blow to the governor has been dealt without the loud arrest of seven women in the long-standing and unpromising "MUGISO case". It has been going on for the sixth year. Over the past years, the Investigative Committee has worked through all the episodes, found nothing and put the case in a dusty box.

However, before the elections, the Investigative Committee suddenly arrested seven women with young children with demonstrative cruelty. Mothers were separated from their children by handcuffing them in the middle of the night. The moment of the start of this action was chosen strategically very clearly.

It was hoped that women could be blackmailed by suffering children. According to the plan of the investigators, acting in the interests of the "collective Tungusov", it was necessary to force the women to give at least some evidence. This would allow launching a new round of investigation. So it would have been possible to hit the incumbent governor, rocking the topic of corruption. Before the elections, this fuse should have been enough.

However, the plans of the investigators have not yet been realized. Not only that, all the women who did not commit anything illegal had to be released from custody. In addition, in one of them, the court exponentially lifted the ban on going to work, established after the indictment. We are talking about the only official in this company, the first deputy minister for state property management of the Sverdlovsk region (MUGISO) Elena Nikolaeva.

Ombudsman Tatyana Merzlyakova was outraged by the unprecedented brutal arrest of Nikolaeva. In particular, she saw one of the violations in the fact that the detention took place at night, accompanied by fighters of the Russian Guard, which, according to Merzlyakova, was not necessary.

Tatyana Merzlyakova commented on this: “The psychological pressure is very strong. Of course, I cannot like it when for some reason they come at night ... There was no need to detain Elena [Nikolaev] at five in the morning ... And as always, everything is closed from society, opaque. "

A natural question arises — why the 4th Investigation Department of the Main Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, represented by its head Viktor Obskalov, supports the "collective Tungusov" in the fight against the current regional and federal authorities?

Information has been published that the previous head of the 4th Investigative Directorate of the Main Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Ruslan Ibiev, who started the "MUGISO case", received a solid reward from the "collective Tungusov" before his resignation.

Information has been published that Kozitsyn allocated 150,000,000 rubles to “resolve the issue” of initiating a criminal case. And he promised the same amount if the case goes to court and leads to the resignation of the governor. The Mugiso case has not yet led to the governor’s resignation — it is likely that the second tranche of 150 million rubles is still awaiting its recipient.

Is Viktor Obskalov now inspired by the example of his predecessor and therefore showing similar activity? Hoping to become the recipient of the second tranche?

Otherwise, it is difficult to explain why Obskalov handcuffs women in the middle of the night in a case that is already in its sixth year. Women who, in reality, do not even have anything to do with this "MUGISO case". They are just random people who once crossed paths with the ex-head of MUGISO Alexei Pyankov. It turns out that Obskalov pulled a whole crowd of people by the ears. He urgently needed an "extra", which he tried to pass off as an organized criminal group. The case has already been investigated for six years, no corpus delicti has been found, and Oboskalov needs to be active in the interests of the “collective Tngusov”.

It should be added that to justify their detention, some women were charged with “attempted crime,” that is, simply speculation and fantasies of the investigator. The majority of women were prosecuted, which can only be initiated against officials — although they have never been officials.

Even according to the version of the investigation, all women, except for Deputy Minister Elena Nikolaeva, can only fall under crimes in the field of entrepreneurship, tk. are not and have never been officials. Therefore, all the more, they should not be arrested, let alone handcuffed in the middle of the night in front of small children.

At the moment, this lawlessness with signs of corruption is opposed only by the judicial system. She is on the side of the law, and not on the side of those interested in contract cases. The trials took place in different localities. All of them sorted out the materials — and all the detainees were released.

A pool of media outlets associated with Tungusov actively wrote about the arrests. The publications were made in such a way as to support the investigation. And they came out instantly, support for the investigation was carried out almost online. Pyankov was accused by the media of hiding. Although he did not think of hiding, he himself appeared at the Investigative Committee.

The Tungusov Pool journalists attributed the non-existent sum of 500 million to the Pyankov case, although there is nothing of the kind. The lies and manipulations of the media were so monstrous that they overshadowed even the inventions of the investigators.

When the charges of the investigation failed and the courts released all the detainees, the "Tungusov pool" bypassed this topic.

The Russian authorities should finally answer the question of who and why is drawing again in the Sverdlovsk region not ”for the upcoming elections. Not sparing even small children. Who and how intends to fight off the gigantic money invested in fabricated criminal cases and disrupted elections. While this power is still in force.

To be continued…

Ivan Tyazhlov

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